Eggnogg was founded by designer Kate Edmunds in 2009 when her children were just 5 and 7.  Kate had been working as a TV graphic designer for ten years before swapping to illustration after her two children were born. She was illustrating children’s books and greetings cards when, during a trip to Italy she hit on the idea of colouring-in products.  The first colouring-in designs were tablecloths, and the success of these products led to posters, books, bags, pencil cases and many more.  Eggnogg became a limited company in 2013 and now produces more than 40 products, selling online and to outlets large and small across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Kate’s Inspiration

Kate has always loved conjuring up weird and wonderful characters for her children to enjoy. Greatly influenced by Tim Burton, Kate’s quirky animals and larger than life characters inhabit a chaotic colouring-in landscape that really appeals to children.

How Eggnogg Was Born

Kate and her husband Gareth had bought an old wreck of a house in Tuscany and were slowly doing it up during their holidays, they frequently went to their local pizzeria where the waiter would spread out sheets of paper to cover the table. He popped down a pot of pens and the children started drawing in the spaces around the advertisements. Eureka! Why not design a tablecloth filled with quirky illustrated characters for children to colour-in, instant entertainment at dinner-time and perfect for parties and weddings too.

She started designing a table-cloth straight away and on her return to the UK the new products went into production. After attending trade shows and knocking on a lot of doors the company grew, she now employs three people and supplies more than 200 retailers. The latest product is a colour-in Picnic Blanket, but the table-cloths that started this mini-empire are still the company’s best sellers.



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