Eggnogg was founded by designer and illustrator Kate Edmunds in 2009.  After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in Graphic Design, Kate worked for ten years in television videographics. When she left to start raising a family, she continued her creative career by setting up Eggnogg, and was initially focused on children’s books and greetings cards. However, it was when Kate hit on the idea of a colour-in tablecloth that the business really took off.  Eggnogg now produces around 40 paper and fabric colouring-in products, selling online and to outlets large and small across the world.

How Eggnogg was born

During a period of time spend in Italy, Kate with her husband Gareth and their two children, then aged 5 and 7, often went to a local pizzeria. There, the waiter would spread out paper sheets to cover the table and plonk down a pot of pens for the kids. They loved drawing, but there was little to inspire them on the sheets which were simply covered in adverts for local businesses. Then Kate had an Eureka moment! Why not have a tablecloth specially designed for children to colour in? she thought. It could be filled with the quirky characters, animals and party food from the many Eggnogg greetings cards she had already illustrated. Instant entertainment at mealtimes, perfect for parties and a great way to keep the kids occupied with something creative and fun.

From Teatime to anytime

The very first Eggnogg Colour-in giant poster/tablecloth, called Teatime, was printed and was an immediate success. There is now a complete range of poster/tablecloths, including Seaside, Amazing Animals, London, Puzzle-time, Dinosaurs, Unicorns & Fairies, and Space. Kate, with her never-ending stream of creative ideas, has gone on to develop other paper colour-in products like Wallpaper, Books and Placemats, and branched out into colour-in fabric gifts like pencil cases, kitbags and pillowcases. 

Eggnogg became a limited company in 2013. There are now around 40 paper and fabric products in the Eggnogg Colour-in range, all designed by Kate from the Eggnogg studio/office in Bristol, England, and all printed and packaged locally too. Eggnogg now sells online and to hundreds of outlets, large and small, across the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. We like to imagine that any time you think of Eggnogg, someone, somewhere, is probably colouring in one of our products. We hope Eggnogg will continue to grow, but more importantly, will continue to produce high quality, unique and fun-filled colouring-in products that children, and adults, love. 

Kate’s Inspiration

Kate has always loved conjuring up weird and wonderful designs for children to enjoy. Greatly influenced by Tim Burton, Kate’s quirky animals and larger than life characters inhabit a chaotic colouring-in landscape that really appeals to children and adults alike. Even the company name, Eggnogg, is illustrative of Kate’s slightly bizarre sense of humour. Why name a company selling colouring-in gifts for children after an alcoholic drink? Apparently, Kate insists, she was inspired by her love of the Seventies Mike Leigh play, “Abigail’s Party”. We’ll leave you to work that one out! 


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