Are you ready to party this Summer?

How wonderful to have a children’s party in the garden in the warm Summer air (which is definitely on it’s way).

Here’s a few party tips to ensure a party of remember with minimal stress!


Colouring in the garden

Tips for a creative party:

To eat:

A new twist on boring sandwiches -sandwich swirls:

-Butter one piece of bread, put your favourite topping on and cut the crusts off

-Roll up bread and filling like a Swiss roll and slice through the roll into discs (approx. 1 inch in depth) to reveal a swirl of sandwich filling! Yum

Jelly will never be the same – make some Jelly insects!

-Fill ice cube trays with different coloured jelly

-Let them set then turn them out (run some warm water on the bottom to help them out)

-Add eyes, wings, spots and stripes with icing tubes, add raisins and chocolate drop eyes! Weirder the better!

To do:

-Cover the party table with Colour-in Tablecloths and decorate with room with Colour-in Bunting

-Lay out a great colour-in paper costume for each of your guests

-GET CREATIVE!! – colour-in before the party food arrives then cut out and put on your costumes for an afternoon of party fun in the garden.


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