Eggnogg’s Top 5 Bristol Picnic Spots

Bristol Picnic Spots

Eggnogg’s Top 5 Bristol Picnic Spots. With the Summer holidays fast approaching there really is nothing better than getting outdoors in the sun with the whole family and going on a picnic – it’s the perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved ones without breaking the bank. So, we’ve come up with a list of essentials that should help your family day run smoothly…well as smoothly as possible! We’ve also come up with the perfect picnic menu and some fun game ideas to keep the kids entertained.

We love where we live in Bristol so what where better to start, here are Eggnogg’s Top 5 Bristol Picnic Spots.

1. Brandon Hill

Just a stone’s throw away from our Park Street café, Brandon Hill park is one of our favourite Bristol picnic spots. It may be hilly, but the uphill climb is worth it for the amazing views. Reach the top of Cabot Tower, and you can look out over the whole of Bristol. It’s also a bit of a sun trap, making it the perfect place to stretch out and relax.

2. The Downs

As you emerge from the jostling streets of Whiteladies Road, the sight of Durdham Downs stretching out before you is a breath of fresh air. With 400 acres of green grass and trees as far as the eye can see, there’s plenty of space to find your perfect picnic spot.

3. Clifton Observatory

If you’re feeling adventurous, a short walk from the downs will lead you to this spectacular view. Enjoying some of your favourite food, while looking out over Bristol’s iconic suspension bridge, what could be better? The observatory itself is an experience not to be missed, the camera obscurer gives you a unique view over Bristol and its scenery.

4. Ashton Court Estate

If it’s sophistication you’re looking for, you can’t beat a bit of wining and dining in the grounds of Ashton Court Estate. They also host Bristol’s international balloon fiesta here, which we look forward to every year.

5. University of Bristol Botanic Garden

Nestled away in the realms of Stoke Bishop, lies the tranquil University of Bristol botanic garden. For a small fee (unless you’re a student), you can wander around the garden and marvel at their collection of tropical and exotic plants. This one’s a bit of a hidden gem and well worth a visit.

Picnic Basket Relay

Split your family into two teams, the aim of the game is to race in pairs towards the basket and unpack the items. Once they have unpacked all items and are given the nod from the judge they must re-pack the basket and run back to their team, tagging the next person in. The first team to have all players complete the relay wins!

Water Balloon Race

Don’t mind getting a little wet? Give this fun game a go. You will require water balloons for this one. Split into two teams and set a chair up for each team with a water balloon placed on it. The aim of the game is to run to the chair and pop the water balloon by sitting on it. The team that pops the most balloons in the time wins. A great way to cool down in the sunshine!

With all that running around and playing in the sun you don’t want to have your day spoiled by forgetting a crucial item. So, to ensure your family day runs smoothly here are the must pack items.

•  A colour-in Picnic Blanket

What more could you want on a sunny afternoon? A picnic in the park or at the seaside and a colour-in picnic blanket to keep them quiet while you read your book or have a hard-earned snooze! The perfect way to keep the children and adults entertained colouring-in until the sandwiches are ready, it’s creative and practical.

•  Sun cream

Make sure the whole family is safe in the sun by packing the high factor cream

•  A Sun Hat

Keep the little ones cool and safe in a big hat.

•  An Umbrella and Rain Coat

We all know what the British weather can be like. Pop them in your bag just in case.

•  Baby Basics

Remember to pack nappies, wipes and other handy essentials like insect repellent, plasters and hand sanitisers.

•  Great picnic snacks

A picnic isn’t complete without some delicious picnic foods.

Here are our top, delicious, but very simple picnic ideas that can be packed the night before and are completely fuss-free.

Sandwiches – a must for any picnic, they’re easy and you can fill them with whatever you like.

Pasta – quick and easy and can be made the night before.

Vegetable sticks – a healthy little snack that your little ones will love. Put together a little Tupperware box of carrots, celery, peppers and cucumber. Bring along some dips too.

Fruit – just like the vegetables cut up a mixture of your favorite fruits and put together a delicious fruit salad.

Mini quiches – the prefect size for outdoor munching and you can add whatever filling you like.

Chicken drumsticks – mix it up and add lemon and garlic or glaze with honey. Easy to make and a perfect picnic snack.

Cold sausages – cook them up the night before, simple yet delicious!

Cake/muffins – we’re all allowed a little treat so why not take some cakes along.

So, there you have it. Our top tips on how to make the most of your family picnic. Do you have any tips to add? We would love to see your family picnic photos so please send them to

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