7 Summer School Holiday Survival Tips.

Eggnogg colouring in Tablecloth Summer Holidays

Only half way through the Summer holidays and struggling to find things to do?

Here’s our 7 school holiday survival tips without spending a fortune:

1. Take note of the community notice board:

Resources in the community, such as churches and libraries often have craft activity sessions or days during school holidays and, better still, they are likely to be inexpensive. You may even get a free cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit!

To find out more, look at ‘What’s On’ websites, or noticeboards at local community centres, libraries and churches, and ask other parents for ideas.

2. It’s more fun to do things together:

Doing things as a group is great ready-made entertainment for the children, and gives you a little bit of adult time. Meet up somewhere outside like a park, pack a picnic or go to a café with some outdoor play space.  The children can play together while you can have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.

3. Spot the sport camps:

Schools and sports centres are well aware that parents work, and that children need entertaining.

Most schools will run some kind of holiday clubs, many of which are open to the wider community and not just to children at the school. Some run very specific sports clubs, or coaching sessions, which can be good if your child is into sports.

4. Fabulous freebies:

Many museums, particularly in bigger cities, are free making them great entertainment and a cheap activity!

5. Pack a picnic and go on an adventure:

Whether you live in a town or countryside, pack a bag with plenty of provisions and go out on an walking adventure and don’t return till teatime.

6. Search out those special offers:

Because so many people go away in the summer holidays, local venues like leisure centres and swimming pools often have special offers, especially midweek. You can therefore do more with your children within budget.

Plenty of venues, including museums and art galleries, also have special family events during school holidays. In the UK National Trust properties are particularly good at this.

7. Be creative with craft activities:

Make sure that you have plenty of indoor activities in hand, planned and ready to go, especially for wet days, or if you unexpectedly have to do some work for a few hours. If you need some pointers why not try out our Eggnogg colour-in craft products. If it’s sunny try our Colour-in Picnic Blankets for those meet ups in the park – what more could you want on a sunny afternoon? A picnic in the park or at the seaside and a colour-in picnic blanket to keep them quiet while you read your book or have a hard-earned snooze! The perfect way to keep the children and adults entertained colouring-in until the sandwiches are ready, it’s creative and practical. If it’s a rainy day indoors why not try our colouring in tablecloths. Eggnogg Colour-in tablecloths are a fun-filled colouring-in craft activity for all ages and all occasions. Packed full of quirky characters, interesting animals and iconic objects, they’re perfect for children’s parties, restaurant visits, weddings, holidays, rainy days and playtime anytime. The Colour-in Tablecloths work equally well as play mats and posters. They help bring a little calm into the day and provide the perfect antidote to all that screen time. And if the kids are kept busy colouring-in, the grown-ups can have some down time – and maybe enjoy some colouring-in therapy too!

Look out for shops having sales of craft activities or kits, and stock up for emergencies or shop at

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