What is Kirstie Allsopp’s secret to keeping calm in the Colour-in Caravan?

In this month’s Colour-in Chit Chat, TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp talks tidying, screen time and Jackanory.

Colour-in Chit Chat in Bertha, Eggnogg’s Colour-in Caravan, is an Eggnogg UK series featuring well know musicians, presenters and actors finding out what keeps them happy in their busy worlds. Eggnogg was founded by Kate, mother of two, in 2012. Using her background as a graphic designer and illustrator, she decided to create her own range of colouring in products, inspired by a visit to a restaurant as her children struggled to find space to colour-in between the advertising on the paper tablecloth. Now award wining and selling to 100s of independent shops, both in the UK and abroad, these quirky and inventive colouring in products come to every parent’s rescue. A colouring in creative and crafty activity to tame the most boisterous children without a screen in sight! Mindful, calming and therapeutic for children and adults alike, guaranteed quiet time for the whole family. Perfect for children’s parties and wedding activities. You can also hire Bertha the colour-in caravan.

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