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Colour-in Wallpaper – Animals


Packed full of amazing animals – monkeys, giraffes, lions, sharks, insects and more – this colour-in wallpaper (or very long tablecloth) is perfect for the animal lovers in your family. Graphics match those of the Eggnogg Colour-in Animals poster / tablecloth.

Quality paper, 1m x 3m, in cardboard tube(more details below)

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Using the same graphics as the Eggnogg Colour-in Amazing Animals poster / tablecloth, this colour-in wallpaper (or very long tablecloth) is packed full of amazing animals – a menagerie of mischievous monkeys, giant giraffes, leaping lions, smiling sharks, interesting insects and much more. Perfect for the animal lovers in your family.

The Eggnogg Colour-in Animals wallpaper is a fun-filled colouring-in craft activity that will brighten up the walls of any room. Create a giant colouring-in wall (a permanent fixture or just pinned up for the party), use in a single piece to cover a long table, or cut into many smaller sections. This wallpaper roll is ideal for children’s parties, as well as weddings and other celebrations, holidays, rainy days and playtime anytime. The perfect antidote to all that screen time. Let Eggnogg Colour-in bring a little calm into the day – and if the kids are kept busy, the grown-ups can have some down time and enjoy colouring-in therapy too!

  • Width 1 metre, length 3 metres – other lengths available (please contact us)
  • Delivered in a branded cardboard tube to any UK address – the perfect present
  • Works equally well as wallpaper, a long tablecloth, poster and playmat
  • With its matching design, great to combine with the Eggnogg Colour-in Animals poster / tablecloth
  • Made from high quality, durable, FSC accredited paper
  • Suitable for coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, chalks, paints and felt tips
  • Designed and printed in the UK


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